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Timeless Life

The 365 Day Self-improvement Plan

If you can visualize the perfect body … the feeling will accomplish the rest.

(Coming Soon 2022) | Based on The Book

1) The 28-Day Goal-Setting Plan

28-day diet planTimeless Life is a 365-day self-improvement plan, which follows the 28-day cycle of the Moon through the twelve signs of the zodiac to reprogram our attitude toward food, money, relationships, etc. We begin the 28-day cycle, by writing down ten personal goals that you would like to accomplish over the coming year. 

2) The Twelve "Attitudes" as Tools

Twelve AttitudesThe Moon transiting through each of the twelve signs of the zodiac lasts for about two and one-half days. Each sign represents a principle that sets into motion powerful changes, which effect the processes that are responsible for re-shaping the spiritual feeling of our body. Each sign represents a spiritual “attitude,” as well as, a particular area of the body. When all twelve areas of the body are vivified with Astral Light, we are essentially, filled with the feeling of Faith, and are said to be “re-born.”

3) Choose your Start Date

Choose Start Date

There are only twelve start-days a year for your particular time zone. No matter where you live in the world, each time-zone has a different start-time, and you must check your time zone to determine when is your best next start-day. Plan for it, by deciding what you want to be and do with your life. Prepare by writing down both your short and long-term goals. Choose a 30-day, 90-day, and a 365-day personal goal that you would like to accomplish in that time period – and then choose your start date. Choose a day in advance, just in case you need to create a diet plan, or shop for a particular kind of food.

own To feel Eternal, is feeling Weightless.

feeling eternal

A Spiritual Discovery into the One Self

spiritual discoveryTimeless Life is both a diet and a spiritual discovery into the understanding of our emotions. If you happen to lose weight on it fine, but that would be because you understood that the powers of the Higher Self, are your powers – the power to be yourself without the limited understanding that shapes our physical body.



How to truly be your Self

To live spiritually, is really just being yourself. Discovering the simplicity of living spiritually, is the purpose of the Age of Aquarius. This period is called the Brotherhood of Mankind, because it is the projective aspect of Mutual Love. (The receptive aspect of mutual love, would be the Sisterhood). Mutual love is spiritual love. It is spiritual, because we must be “Good” to feel it. We will be learning to project it as a spiritual feeling by first wishing others well and then feeling the affect on ourselves.

Setting Monthly Goals

2288-day Moon cycle

The Moon is connected with establishing emotional patterns. We will use the cycle of the Moon to understand the different layers that make up the total Feeling of our spiritual self. We then plant more meaningful suggestions, such as to lose weight, make more money – or even, to heal.


“Suggesting” by a Spiritual Feeling

Whatever you wish – these inner spiritual powers connected with the cycle of the Moon through the twelve signs of the zodiac, act as suggestions. Each sign is a particular spiritual sensation of faith which is yours to use to change the shape of your own body, or to change the circumstances of your life.

Goal-setting: by the Sign of the Moon

The 30-day Rock-balancing Goal

balancing a stoneIf you have ever balanced a stone on its end, you know the experience is magical. Being overweight, is a similar sensation – it means you can feel your spiritual body. We will re-shape that sensation, to change the shape of our physical body. And by balancing a rock, you will begin to know what I mean by the spiritual feeling of “Fatness.”  Post your video as proof.

The 90-day Emotional Goal

overweight ringBeing sensitive, means you are attuned to the collective suffering of others, which is often felt as pain in our psychic body. Weight gain happens when the pain mixes with the largess feeling of the spiritual body. So, first we will be expanding the radius of our psychic body until it is purified, and the spiritual body is felt as the realization of being eternal.

The 365-day Spiritual Goal

The eternal part of our love nature, is a celestial essence, which is perceived as the sensation of “Fatness.” When it multiplies in our blood stream, it causes us to feel loved. Our goal, is to feel the “Fatness” of being infinite and eternal, but without the weight gain. To feel loved from within, requires some additional, spiritual kinds of goals, as visualizations.

The Seven Principles of the Week

The Seven Magnetic Substances

seven-metalsSpiritual enlightenment comes about by the actual creation of spiritual light in our blood stream. Spiritual light is produced from the seven spiritual elements in the food we eat. The spiritual elements are represented by the seven days of the week. They can become magnetized to generate the feeling of mutual, otherwise called spiritual love.

Creating the Feeling of Astral Light

cake-as-lightSpiritual light is made from the seven metallic substances combined with our thoughts, our saliva, and the Prana life force in the air we breathe. The movement of light multiplying, creates a warmth, which when projected as mutual love, becomes an essence that is felt as reciprocal, in that, it makes us feel loved from within.

Warming the Light with Mutual Love

spiritual love is mutual loveContact with the Divine is by a spiritual Feeling of love. It is called Understanding – an intuitive feeling of Knowing. Proper diet increases this sensation, which is an influx of conjugial love. It is a Love that is reciprocal, the rhythm of divine order. The experience is both a healing, as well as, the means of confirming what is Good and True.

Temporary, or Eternal Ambitions

Eternal Ambitions

Spiritual light in the blood creates the feeling of faith. Faith stirs as a spiritual feeling of Knowing, which is Wisdom. When the mind is silent, the Light is warmed by Love, which expands the radius of our Knowing. Spiritual Light must be felt in the entire physical body in order for our faith to be imbued with love – and this is called spiritual Understanding.

Acquiring the “Special Things”

special-things of goodnessTemporary desires take us into life/death situations, because everything temporary, eventually ends on our death bed. Eternal desires are perceived as “special things” that are our lost memories of the feeling of spiritual and celestial “goodness.” Once our body is full of spiritual light we perceive these “special things” as affections of Good.

Goals that are Eternal

sexual energy raisedJust as someone might dwell on a past sexual experience to feel good about themselves, we are going to use a similar technique, but use it to set goals and accomplish them. In this way we develop a spiritual feeling of self-worth, and thereby acquire the “special things” that will actually make us feel Good. Only when we are happy with our physical environment, will we feel spiritually loved.

Awareness of Our Other Bodies

Awareness of our Astral Body

Awareness of the Astral BodyThe Astral body holds the feeling of the collective pain of mankind. The more sensitive we become the more depressed we become. It is symbolic of the sacrifice on the cross. It is our egotistic realm of identity and attachment. It leads to heartbreak, which is removed by the “resurrection” – a process of elevating our inner self as a feeling in order to perceive our spiritual body.

Awareness of our Spiritual Body

awareness of the spiritual bodyTo enter the sensation of the spiritual body, everything that we are, must be left behind. Always feeling loved from within is heaven. It is the spiritual body radiating light as a knowing. Everything spiritual is experiential. In the Oneness, is an influx, which is called Conjugial Love. This union takes place in the celestial sphere within, as the feeling of reciprocal love.

Awareness of our Celestial Body

awareness of our celestial bodyOur first perception of the celestial sphere, is in the symbolism of our dreams. After a spiritual vivification of our blood-cells takes place, there begins a radiating feeling of Joy. This is called the feeling of “Fatness,” whereby we are nameless and without a separate sense of self. This is what is meant by the coming of the Age of Aquarius, the Brotherhood of Mankind – the feeling of “Fatness” – as heaven on earth.